Fund Ethics

Discussions around workplace diversity in our continually growing cryptocurrency industry are far too infrequent. To ensure that our nascent industry grows and matures in a manner that is inviting and promotes fair representation, we must first strive for a workplace that reflects our perceived enlightened ideals on a daily basis.

Self-awareness and empathy are extremely important; especially in an industry with ever-growing technical complexity that is seeking to serve a global audience. We must acknowledge our obligation to ensuring a diverse ecosystem for career growth in the present, in order to inspire brighter minds to join our efforts in the future.

  • We recognize that privatized capital gain and the public good is often misaligned; foregoing opportunities for just the former at the expense of the latter.
  • We will build alongside and strengthen existing legitimate institutions and communities, and develop grounded strategies for change.
  • We will work to distribute power across lines of class, positioning, race, gender, socioeconomic status; dynamically avoiding reproducing existing power structures.
  • We will enable post-capitalist and non-commodified modes of interaction, deliberation, and cooperation through our investments where possible.
  • We will favor ethical exit strategies of our portfolio companies; while favoring investments with pro-community exit constraints.
  • All fund partners and advisors retain their own independent voices as we openly embrace viewpoint diversity. We should all feel free to publicly express differing and even contradictory viewpoints and philosophies on technology, society, and other relevant matters. This ensures a rich array of potential solutions and perspectives for a more refined outcome.

Core Focuses

These are our investment priorities that enable us to align with the values we've outlined above. As a for-profit investment group, Amentum works actively organization wide to ensure our capital allocations and trading are societally impactful, yet profitable.

  • Interoperability
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Security
  • Community & Social Technologies
  • Public Commons Research & Development