Amentum Portfolio

Our firm is focused on helping to build and invest in multiple verticals across the crypto-specific industry. We seek to grow the public chain assets and ecosysems we're invested in by aiding in the creation of critical infrastructure and services that helps push the collective industry forward.

Current Investments

Below are a few of the projects and assets that we've invested in thus far. We currently only list the firms that are outside of stealth, and permissible to list publicly.


Namebase is the first name exchange, and sub-domain managment platform for the Handshake public blockchain.

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A fork of the bcoin fullnode, Handshake is a decentralized and alternative peer-to-peer root DNS; a new public blockchain asset.

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Current Advisories

As advocates for the greater ecosystem, we also provide advisory services, assisting firms in technical, business, and content related growth strategies.

Provide Services

An API service provider and turn-key solution for blockchain-related development and tooling for public blockchains.

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Anchor Digital

A wallet-interface for professional-grade asset management for portfolio reporting and financial analytics.

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